Trip to Zhestovo

The next beautiful place where you can spend a weekend rest with a trailer or motorhome was visited by the retrailer team. The place is in close proximity to the channel. Moscow, near the town of Pirogov in the village Zhostovo. The very place for possible parking is located on the dump dam channel them. Moscow where a beautiful view of the canal itself opens, namely the uninterrupted flow in both directions of both huge four-deck ships and expensive private yachts. Electricity is understandably not (saved the generator), but with the toilet and water helps a pleasant neighborhood with the festive farmstead "PyrGrad". Toilets are open to all living on this small peninsula with the possibility of pouring water into the tanks (here you need to grab a trolley with you). It is very pleasant that the farmstead provides a lot of various entertainment:

  • Cafe with access to water
  • Pleasant pier from which you can safely dive into the water
  • Playground
  • Tennis court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball court
  • Trampolines
  • The ability to ride a boat

There are no problems with shops either. The nearest is in the village of Zhostovo, a convenience store in the Klyazminskoye Reservoir boarding house, a good butcher shop in the town of Pirogovsky. We were also pleased with the opportunity to locate the generator at the bottom of the dam, closer to the water (while in the immediate vicinity of the campsite). This allows almost not to hear him, despite the fact that he is always within walking distance.


  • Relatively close to Moscow
  • Beautiful view
  • No parking fee
  • A large number of entertainment
  • Free toilets
  • Free water intake
  • It is possible to position the generator so that it is practically not heard
  • Availability at any time of the day or night, all year round


  • At rush hour very large traffic jams on Ostashkovskoye Highway
  • The place is free and can be taken by anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to occupy it on weekdays.
  • There are pockets of garbage that no one cleans
  • Strong occupancy at weekends, sometimes disturbing and disturbing
  • The presence of drunken personalities and fishermen who occasionally hang out near the campsite (especially on weekends)
  • The water poured in the toilets smells of chlorine, while standing in the sun the day, still blooms
  • On the dam itself, rolled soil and grass are just around the edges. In hot weather it is very dusty, and in rainy time it can be dirty.

Coordinates of the place:

Latitude: 56 ° 1'20.22 "N (56.022284)
Longitude: 37 ° 38'32.56 "E (37.642378)

In this place you can always organize a camping, renting a caravan or rent a motorhome from Retrailer.

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